This is an example case of Soundwe in Auckland.

The room size is 5.6m long x 5m wide and 2.38m tall. Its almost a perfect square and without acoustic treatment it had severe standing wave and long reverberation. The RT60 could be as high as 1.8s!

6 Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme (SBE) were placed at the front corners. These traps provide absorption above 60hz and highly effective between 75 to 160hz.

The waterfall graph is shown as below. The energy decay started to be controlled and RT60 go downs to about 1.2s.

2 different additional configurations were then tested. With additional 6 traps at the rear corners, or 6 traps were added at the front ceiling edge (with 2 additional trap sitting at the floor on left and right side).

The test results shows that these SBEs are highly effective at controlling the bass reverberation.

Once the bass is controlled. Then treatment is applied for mid and high frequency. For this particular room size, the ideal RT60 would be around 0.25 to 0.45s. Some Vicoustic Wavewood panels is installed on the rear wall. These panels absorption frequency from 200hz and up, but reflects more at high frequency so sound would not be too dry.


Vicoustic Multifuser DC2 installed in the reflection point of the ceiling.

Wavewood panels are placed at both the left and right walls.

Following is the summary of the RT60 difference after these acoustic treatment. Sound improved from very muddy to clean and solid sound stage. Stage 2 treatment will be published soon and show how to fine tune these treatment.